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The MUA Business School (It's A Business School For Makeup Artist's & Beauty Pro's)

Ever since I was a little girl all I ever wanted to do was play with makeup. Play with lotions and potions & just mess with really pretty things.

Then I found out you could make things pretty with makeup. You could paint faces and change how people looked. Most importantly I made the realisation that playing with makeup could change my feelings towards myself.

I could feel special, reinvented, like a movie goddess by playing with makeup!

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This was a lightbulb, my ‘aha’ moment that if I could change my own perception of myself then maybe if I dressed and made up other people then they could also feel like me too… and that was a nice feeling to have.

Doesn’t everyone want to have a ‘red carpet’ moment. (Apparently my brother didn’t, but surely that was just him?!)

Despite my Mum (Mrs PR) not being a big makeup wearer and knowing very little about the beauty industry, she knew enough to tell me that there was actually a career out there, where you get paid to put makeup on other people. You can be a Makeup Artist Anna!

Well that was it, I didn’t need to think twice, that’s what what I was going to do. When I grow up I’m going to be Makeup Artist and put makeup on lots of people and make them feel amazing and I’m going to make lots of money!

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All I wanted to do is ‘Makeup’! But I needed faces to paint, bookings in the diary and a constant stream of connections leading to highly paid opportunities that would take me across the world with my skills. At least that's what I signed up for right?

18 years ago I thought I’d simply walk out of makeup school and boom a ready made list of clients would be waiting for me. My previous mentors would be able to get me jobs and I’d be jet setting and painting the faces of the rich and famous.

Here comes my second realisation… behind every creative person that gets to make money from their passion, there is a successful business.

Something I had completely overlooked. I believed that if I was good enough the bookings would come rolling in. I would be found and then sought after. I thought my passion for makeup would be enough and I would simply attract high paying clients and get to travel the world because I was nice person and I deserved it!

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If you’re anything like me you’ll feel the overwhelm burn. I think a lot of creatives and self employed bosses get frazzled by the actual business side of their job.

We do what we love and we serve people and that should be enough… shouldn’t it?

Occasionally you might dip into something techie, some social media or online marketing, but then big scary words like strategy and SEO get thrown around and boom!… this is for the big leagues, for when we can afford for someone else to do it for us! Once we grow?!

A while back someone told me that I didn’t need to understand how my website worked, not to worry about graphic design and that SEO will never be something I need worry about.

He said “you’re not ever going to understand, tech just isn’t your thing and there will always be people that can do this stuff for you, so don’t you worry your pretty little head about it sweet cheeks!”

Here’s the thing, I actually sat on my business and it stayed stagnant for 5 years. That’s not to say I didn’t grow loyal fans, and build what could be called an actual business. Heck, I made money & I even won a few awards because I was so good at what I was doing.

What did I do with these small successes and wins, absolutely nothing! My instilled beliefs meant I thought it just not right to brag and staying small equals being humble?

Say Hi over on Insta

…and then I called BS on this, and that was the day I took charge of my business and stoped making excuses or passing responsibility. The day that just a “MUA” said “I’m going to learn this stuff and I’m going to learn better ways to do it. Ways that make sense to me and others.

That is why I launched the ‘MUA Business School’. I know you’re already a makeup artist, an exceptional creative with an awesome work ethic and a carefully crafted skill set. Naturally gifted at what you do, you love working with people, changing perceptions and painting beautiful faces. and all you really want to do is ‘play with makeup‘.


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.How I run my business every day (with ease)

.Secrets to my social media incl. ‘my top secret Pinterest strategy’

.How I use my blog to get my business seen by thousands

.(Ridiculously) easy tech stuff with my go to business tools and apps

.How I used Wedding Fayres and free network events to build my brand

.Dealing with real life bridezillas and diva models (wait till you hear these stories!)

.Mindset, all the head stuff they don’t tell you about being a creative entrepreneur.

…AND on how to get you booked out as an in demand Makeup Artist!

Having your own business as a Makeup Artist can be so rewarding and you really can do it. I can’t always make it easy but I can make it fun.

I’ve taken my little biz to the next level and now I’m going to show you too.

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FREE Courses At The MUA Business School

Let me know how you get on with this.

So what next…

If you like this sort of thing then KitKats & Clarte is for you!

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Let me know how you get one and if you have any questions just shoot me an email

Much love,

Anna Cordelia

Awarded MUA | Wedding Boss | Chunky Chocolate Consumer

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