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The #1 Reason Stopping You From Being A Successful Makeup Artist

Procrastinations, buffers, blocks or even seemingly legit reasons... I'm hearing them all through my students!

I'v also know these excuses and at some point have probably used them too!

Whatever you choose to call them, they only serve 2 objectives...

#1 firstly a buffer keeps you safe. Sometimes this is a good thing (such as when you want to eat that 3rd chunky chocolate bar!)

#2 But the other thing they do is STOP you moving forward, acting & achieving your goals, good or bad.

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When it comes to being amazing, creative and successful as a Makeup Artist, not moving forward or not achieving your goals is never a good thing. So what’s holding you back?…

.Fear of tech?

.Lack of experience?

.Reputation (you don’t have one yet?)

.Fame… you’ll get well known and people will be mean to you?

Well these are all too common and I get it. Yes tech is an ongoing headache for me (I just don’t enjoy it) and yes when you get really good at something it can bring out the worst in others (Yep, I’ve been trolled and it sucks but not forever)

But here’s the big kahoona…


Yep the ‘M’ word and it’s a biggie. I’m sure it was one of the first things you thought of when asked the question what’s stopping you!

I’m not playing down the importance of money or that we’re all in different situations (and mindsets with it) but I also believe that where’s there a will, there’s a way. Whether it's working around the stumbling block or finding a way of getting the money you need.

What always intrigues me is that the beauty education industry is worth billions. It’s so common to spend thousands on learning how to put makeup on people yet when it comes making a business out of these newly acquired skills some people are reluctant to pay for any help or services at all.

Either giving up when they don’t get any immediate paid work or spending the next few years ambling through the business minefield asking for freebies or favours and going crosseyed watching youtube tutorials on driving traffic or hours and hours trying to copy their makeup idol on insta.

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What I’m saying is, being in business as a Makeup Artist is an investment and an education that never stops. Some things you’re going to have pay for and some you’ll be able to work around but don’t let money be a a big scary stop sign in your makeup journey. There’s always a way so don’t straight away dismiss something because you think it’ll be too expensive. Get real with numbers and set financial goals in your business.

For example list those things you would love to have now, things that are less important and things the could wait till you’ve a steady income.

If you’re wondering…. I spent £395 on a basic hygiene and procedures course at The London school of Beauty and Makeup and learnt the rest of my skills on the job as an assistant and practicing on as many faces as possible.

I then spent over £1000 on a course on marketing & PR for business and attended classes on tech, got business coaching and spent a significant amount on a decent computer.

Most of this was funded by an Enterprise startup grant that was available at the time. Like I said, there are ways and means and if I hadn’t got clear on what I needed/wanted then the opportunities wouldn’t have presented themselves.

So now I’ll ask you again, what’s stopping you from being a successful Makeup Artist? Tell me and then come up with a solution.

Get stuck…. shoot me a message and I’ll give you 101 solutions. Let’s debunk a few myths and put those pesky gremlins in the bin!…

As ever I would really love to know your thoughts on this, your worries, your hurdles in your MUA journey. So please drop me a message & let me know how you’re getting on.

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Let me know how you get on with this.

So what next…

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Much love,

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