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The REAL Secrets To Social Media (At Least You Are Cool On The Internet)

I’m guessing if you’re here, reading this, you’ve got a few Social media niggles floating around and ready to take on a massive online cull because those pesky gremlins have messed with your business feed one too many times.

Instagram has changed/is changing and you’re feeling your love of the Gram fading fast.

Firstly you’re not alone with your love hate relationship with the many social media platforms. Just when you think you’ve got a handle, the platform monkey changes the rules. Posts are no longer being seen, clicks are down, likes are dwindling and your inspiration for new posts has hit a dead end.

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Right.. I hear your struggle and rule number one, please please don’t attach any of your self worth to your number of likes (got that?.. good!)

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Rule number two, remember being popular doesn’t pay the bills. You need genuine authentic followers that become your fans and then your dream clients that pay for your amazing services!

I’ve put together a few really easy and actionable tips that will improve your social media game immediately.

Social Media sets the rules and then mixes it up to keep us guessing…

… Right let’s do this


The clue is in the title here.. ‘Social’ media! This is a way to connect, interact, share and yes engage with others. We all want genuine authentic engaging followers.

The next time someone takes the time to comment on your post (we’re not talking a hash tagging emoji from a wealth motivator in Bahrain!) don’t just like their comment, respond, and by respond we mean more than 4 words.. a sentence!

Try to do this as soon as the notification comes up and literally just type what you feel as a response. There are loads of ways to say thank you for their comment. Even better, ask a question back.

Keep the momentum going, let it spiral and keep the flow. The algorithms will love you for it and show your post to the masses!

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I know it’s really tempting to clean up your feed especially as your brand develops and evolves. You just want to correct that typo or delete than ‘meh’ post that doesn’t do your brand justice but… on a personal connection level, this is your story, you created these posts, not a robot. They represent your business and your journey. Flawed is authentic and perfection never real. No one will ever be as critical as you, so leave it alone!

From a techie side, the platform will think you’re messing with its algorithms and slap your wrist with Instagram jail being a possibility. This isn’t a rumour, Insta can actually punish you by not showing your posts to hardly anyone, and it’s not nice, trust me I’ve been there!


Okay, I understand this one might make you have a wobble, it’s personal and it's putting yourself out there. But here’s the thing.. connecting with your audience involves being human.

Believe it or not, your followers are more interested in you and your brand than your business.

Followers want to know what makes you tick behind your creative processes. The behind the scenes moments, why and how you started your business. So, show us your face! We know this can be terrifying (ask Mr ‘behind the scenes’ Wedding Boss!).

Believe me when I say your audience will love you for this. It doesn’t have to be every day, but I promise you that this a massive tip for gaining followers and of course increasing that all important engagement.

Topics.. well this can be your interests, your passions, your goals or your favourite food. Talk about your morning routine, your family, the kids, plans for the weekend… feeling inspired yet?!

Seriously just to dare to jump with this one and go for it!

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Well actually it’s not (& this comes from me, the self proclaimed hashtag queen).

Hashtags are one of the many things that make social media work, along with content, filters, timings, sharing and tagging. So the big tip here is to experiment, have fun with it and as boring as it sounds.. check your stats. Yep, there’s a nifty little feature on your settings that’s worth a tap. It’s relatively easy to draw comparisons from and see which posts performed better than others.

If you’re still feeling unsure on this one, keep it simple. Find 5 well performing hashtags used by similar accounts to your own and simply post them in the comment box under your post (looks a little cleaner!).

Completely stuck.. just give me a shout and I’ll do everything I can to help you out!

You’ve got to this point, you’ve stuck with us and hopefully you’re feeling slightly inspired, maybe even maybe even more confident (or a little overwhelmed?). Don’t worry Boss.. pop over to social media, have a scroll and start playing.


.No one is ever as critical as yourself! Please don’t suffer from perfection paralysis, pressing send is not that painful we promise.

.Do not let Instagram or any social media platform define you. Numbers, stats and likes not the slightest bit a personal reflection of you.

.Only post something of value or worth to your audience, never post for the sake of it. If you’re having a serious off moment, take a day off Insta. No one will chase you down or call you out on it.

Social Media is a fun and ‘social’ platform to showcase your business… go for it, experiment, press send and please let us know how you get on.

Now go do.. you got this!

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Let me know how you get on with this.

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Much love,

Anna Cordelia

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