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What Is Social Media Envy & How To Get Over It

I have a few ideas of my own on jealousy and I’m not a fan. Maybe the occasional wince of comparison might inspire you to take action motivate your mood. But ultimately It’s a negative emotion that only serves to drain and destroy your feel good vibes.

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Let’s face it, extreme jealous behaviour isn’t a very attractive quality. With work or personal relationships, if self belief and confidence are the ‘original sexy’, then the old insecure green eyes are very much the ‘ugly monster.’ (Yes I’m here with relationship advice on tap too!)

Unfortunately due to multiple social media platforms bombarding us with other peoples lives and businesses, our heads are constantly in comparison mode.

My colleague was having the best day after receiving a promotion while also having her hair blown out.. as she left the salon high on life and L’Oréal, someone even held the door open for her, & then… she checked Facebook & saw her ex had just got engaged.

It didn’t matter that they hadn’t spoken for 8 years, or that she didn’t fancy him & certainly didn’t want to marry him. In fact she was already married to an Absolute God who she was madly in love whilst also touting a huge rock on left hand! But she felt the envious twinge & her day went from a 10 to a 2!

So why does social media cause us such crazy emotions or have the power to lower our mood so quickly?

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Please remember social media isn’t real life, a mere representation and sometimes a complete facade. What you see out there is just a snap shot.

Personally I’m rarely going to post about negatives going on in my life. Unbelievably I’m not all sparkle, gloss & KitKat flicks. But we’re all selective to a point at what we put out there.

My baby vomited down my LBD twice last week and the final pic I posted was my 101th attempt. It may be subconscious but we all paint a slightly rosier version of reality.

Filters, edits, bit of FaceTune. Come on? We all do it, but for some reason we can’t get our heads round the fact everyone else does it too.

The next time you feel a jealous pang at someone’s post, just remember that social media is the world’s best bull shit filter. You’ll never know what’s goes on behind the scenes and competing with another fake reality is daft!

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A respected makeup artist recently advised me to stop following other makeup artists! Take your inspiration from other creative sources. Comparison blurs your vision, questions your focus and causes self doubt.

If following anyone regularly gives you yucky feelings then simply unfollow. I know this sounds harsh, but do it once and the bad stuff goes away.


Sometimes stepping away from the device gives you time to come back to reality. Social media is amazing and an awesome business tool.. it’s also incredibly addictive.

Positive engagement and likes causes happy triggers but jealously causes the opposite. Remove them all, at least for a while. It’ll do you the world of good.

Maybe look at a time app that monitors your social media use. You can analyse your behaviour and patterns and change your habits to stop you reaching for your fix.

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When did you recently spend a few hours in conversation with friends or loved ones without any social media interaction?

I’m lucky enough to be offered these opportunities regularly and I always make an effort to say Yes to invites.

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An hour's one to one chat with someone special without any phone use is amazingly therapeutic and you’ll feel re-energised and connected. You’ll also get a real life version of their reality & hear the back stories, changing your perception.

Less scrolling… more living

What feeds your social media envy and what helps get you through your scroll??

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Let me know how you get on with this.

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