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Why I Owe My Business Success To Photographers

When I think of industry colleagues, at the top of the list is Photographers (followed by Makeup Artists of course #wink) and quite rightly so…. they are capturing beautiful memories forever in their own style. As job roles go, their role is so significant and crucial and the responsibility is huge.

And… as a Makeup Artist I can’t run a successful biz without them!

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I seriously heart these guys & I’m going to encourage you to build relationships with all industry suppliers… but especially the photographer.

Building your portfolio of real life clients is very dependant on them but let’s be honest, they tend to fall into to 2 camps. Most modern day wedding togs are unobtrusive, respectful and go out of their way to make the bridal party feel amazing and to get the best out of them and in turn get amazing pictures.

I would highly recommend you seek to build relationships with these kind of photographers. Not only will they send you images from the wedding and are likely to recommend you to their brides but the opinion of a wedding photographer is highly regarded.

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When they publish images they are also likely to tag you or feature you in their blog. This is all excellent PR and as a bonus it’s nice to work with suppliers you’ve previously met (and even like)

Tip… reach out to photographers (that you like) by messaging them or tagging them on social media after the wedding. Just a simple shout out ‘great working with 123 photography today’ on Facebook goes a long way and they will almost certainly return the favour and tag you in the wedding photos.

Then of course are the other type of photographer. These togs will enter the room with their ego first and want to dominate with their presence. They will want to dictate the prep and want the bridal party to work to their schedule to help them get the shots they want. Sometimes the bride is oblivious to this, while some become anxious. It can really affect the flow of prep and sometimes the enjoyment. In these situations calmness and reassurance wins every time.

If the photographer hurries you or keeps asking when you’ll be finished, politely say that your bride will be ready at the agreed time. Obviously this may not be the time they were hoping for, but it’s your job to work to your time frame and to make your client look a dream, that’s all!

I’ve actually had photographers order around bridal party members and move my kit as I’m working. If this happens, be professional, be polite but stand firm and don’t be pushed around.

There are some truly great photographers out there… wouldn’t it be great if they were saying the same about you, the Bridal Makeup Artist?!

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Let me know how you get on with this.

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